Delta and United have ended travel discounts with the NRA amidst growing consumer backlash

The discounts were offered to NRA members traveling to the organization's annual convention in Dallas in May.

Microsoft Surface Pro deals continue and Google Pixel XL phones get a huge markdown

If you don’t want to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S9, Pixel XLs are about $200 off.

Circuit Breaker

A little peace of mind is worth it. (via Circuit Breaker)

The Chamber is a new film set in a sinking submarine

The Chamber is in theaters, On Demand, and On Digital HD on February 23rd.

Verge Science

Orange juice exists due to climate change.

The case for using the iPhone X without a case

It'll make you nervous.

Brave birds run around racetrack to teach us about dinosaurs

Chicken run. (via Verge Science)

Asus ROG Bezel-free Kit

This kit can remove the bezels from your gaming monitors.

For this robot, the secret to crawling is artificial snakeskin

In the future, these robots could be slithering through arteries.

Measles cases in Europe quadruple as vaccination rates drop

Romania had a vaccine shortage. (via Verge Science)

Google begins replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with new app

The app is sorted into two halves.

The best and worst parts of Black Panther

What questions do you have about the film?

Android users may get an official dark mode in a future update

Now the question is when will the feature debut?

New Huawei P20 photos show a dual-camera system

These photos don't match up to the previous rumors.

Tesla will supply free charging stations to office parking lots

Provided they meet certain qualifications.

Discord expands its verified servers program to include pro e-sports teams

Another step to indicate that the platform is growing up.

Colorado police turned to Snapchat to solve a drug murder

Snapchat receives roughly 370 search warrants per month.

Black Panther’s Wakanda is a transportation utopia with a dash of reality

The technology underpinning maglev has been around since the 1960s.

Microsoft and Xiaomi are partnering to make AI-powered speakers, smartphones, and more

Microsoft and Xiaomi will help each other make AI-powered hardware.

Dropbox files to go public 10 years after launch

Its product has stayed pretty much the same for the entire 10 years.

Apple devices at repair facility have called 911 over 1,500 times

The company is working with local police to fix the problem.

Paul Manafort’s downfall aided by his inability to convert a PDF into a Word doc

Manafort told his business partner to convert a PDF to a Word doc, so he could commit fraud.

Annihilation is the most thoughtful science fiction movie since Arrival

Knowing the ending from the start made it that much more exciting.

Turo countersues in car-sharing standoff at San Francisco’s airport

Rental car giants are trying to stymie car sharing at airports, startup claims.

Google plans deeper Assistant integration with phones and wireless carriers

Routines will come in handy for those with smart home gadgets.

Nissan plans to launch its own self-driving taxi service in Japan

Uber's got some more competition.

Google Assistant will soon detect what language you’re speaking in

It'll automatically detect what language you're speaking in.

Why the world’s biggest porn company is backing the UK’s new age law

MindGeek is positioning itself as the gatekeeper.

Detective Pikachu still sounds like an adult man in this new clip

A talking Pikachu is still really disconcerting.

How this designer helped Husqvarna return to street bikes with style

It's an old brand with a new story.

Circuit Breaker

Multi-tasking on the go has never been easier. (via Circuit Breaker)

Instagram is dissolving its global community team

It's all in an effort to grow.

Verge Science

Satellites are getting smaller and smaller. (via Verge Science)

Tor director Shari Steele will step down at the end of the year

Steele steered the organization through the Jacob Appelbaum scandal in 2016.

Baidu / Teenage Engineering Raven H smart speaker

This smart speaker's design definitely stands out.

6 things to expect from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The week ahead will be rich on phones. But not many headphone jacks.

Samsung Max replaces Opera’s data and privacy app in India and beyond

Available now from the Google Play and Galaxy App stores.

Intel didn’t warn US government about CPU security flaws until they were public

Meltdown and Spectre CPU security flaws were kept secret.

How to upgrade an iPod for 2018 with flash memory and a new battery

A trip down memory lane may be worth the upgrade. (via Circuit Breaker)

How to stop annoying High Sierra upgrade prompts in macOS

Save yourself from macoOS High Sierra.

President Trump plans to remove key election security official

Election Assistance Commission chairman Matthew Masterson is being removed from his post.